parameter constraint in dataset not working

Hi, I have a report pane with a drop down parameter which I would like to constraint to objects related only to the current user. As I can only use the widgets from the report I can only see the constraint to be set on a dataset I have created. The constraint added to the parameter is as per any other xpath constraint I have added elsewhere in the app. This constraint seems to be completely ignored as when I view the form with the report pane, I get to see all objects stored, not just the ones related to the user. One of the attributes in the object is a boolean value (e.g "ForAppraisal"), and I have tried to constraint the parameter with just that attribute to make things simple and check why this is not working, and even with just that boolean constraint I can see all objects whether the flag "ForAppraisal" is true or false, and I know half of those objects have taht value 'true' and the other half 'false'. Is there a way to use a reference selector or any other wiget to use as input parameter for the report where I can constraint it with usual xpath? LR.
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I'm having the same issue. This seems to be a framework bug. I will commit a ticket and test project today because this is blocking for us if it's not a known issue for R&D in the meanwhile (can anyone confirm this?)

A temporary work around could be a Java action for the data set.