Dataview content is not getting refreshed when its associated parent dataview entity is refreshed

When a dropdown which is at entity level "A" inside dataview "X" is changed we would like to refresh dataview "Y" on the same screen which is associated to entity "B". Dataview "Y" is inside another dataview "X", so we have written a microflow which will refresh entity "A" (which is associated to data view "X") and associated it with the onchnage event of dropdown. For some reason we do not see dataview "Y" getting refershed when changing dropdown value which is in dataview "X". We are able to refresh it by replacing dataview "Y" with listview by returning single entity everything. This is a known issue with Mendix? Please suggest fix for it or an alternate best approach to handle it. I have a document with clear screenshots and steps on how this issue can be recreated but could not find a way to upload document here in this question.
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