Nested Template Grids showing unexpected data

Hi there, I have the following entities Customer and WorkPackage The entity association is Customer 1)--->(* WorkPackage I have the following all on one form: A standalone DataGrid: Name = DataGridWorkPackage, Entity (path) = WorkPackage A standalone DataView: Name = dataView3, Entity (path) = WorkPackage, Listen target = DataGridWorkPackage A Nested collection starting with Dataview : name = dataView10, Entity (path) = WorkPackage, Listen targer = DataGridWorkPackage Inside dataView10 is another Dataview: name = dataView6, Entity (path) = WorkPackage_Customer/Customer Inside dataView6 is a template grid: Name = templateGrid1, Entity (path) = WorkPackage_Customer/WorkPackage. When I first enter the form dataView3 is empty and so is templateGrid1. When I select a WorkPackage in DataGridWorkPackage then dataView3 shows the appropriate customer and templateView1 shows the appropriate WorkPackages. However when I deselect the workpackages in DataGridWorkPackage then templateGrid1 shows all available Workpackages. Thanks Allistair
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