Close page for wizards

Hi all, I have a wizard with six steps. Each step is a separate pop-up. To move to the next step, I have added an action button with a microflow to close current page and open page with next step. If you want to cancel the wizard with the "x" in the upper right corner, the page is closed and the next step of the wizard shows up. This is not the intended behavior. Instead, I want to close the wizard popup page and with that the entire wizard process. The user should just return the the standard page. This page is kept in the background (wizard is a popup). Any ideas?
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The behavior that is triggered when you click the "x" depends on which button you have set as the close button. The button that is currently selected has the text "(close)" at the end.

First: create a microflow that closes the page and handles the data. Then add this microflow as a button on the control bar. Open the properties of the button and set "Is close button" to true. If you don't want the button to be visible then you can add the following css in the style box of the button: display:none;