Java compilation error in unrelated module after installing MxModel Relfection

After installing the MxModel Reflection module another (unrelated) module in my project starts reporting the following Java compilation errors: [javac] C:\Users\Andrew\Documents\Service Portal\javasource\datatypes\proxies\ incompatible types [javac] found : java.lang.String [javac] required: datatypes.proxies.String [javac] public static final String entityName = "DataTypes.DataType"; .... (and many other related to 'incompatible types') If I remove the MxModel Reflection module from my project these errors disappear. I am using v1.1 of MxModel Reflection and 2.5.3 of the modeller. Any ideas? Thanks!!
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It seems that there is an entity named 'String' is that correct? That probably causes conflicts with java native implementation of String (java.lang.String). I

Suggest renaming the entity, but you can also file a bug report that proxies should generate methods that return java.lang.X rather than X for non-primitive results; that will avoid similar problems in the future.


Probably a naming conflict between your entities and MxModelReflection. Try renaming your entities. If this is the cause submit it as bugs because Mendix should warn you about the conflicts.