Add second app to server

Trying to add my second app to our server it seems as though the Console is picking up the installed service for App1 instead of considering itself independant from that. Therefore it does not even display the little startup button. How do I tell it not to care about the service that is already installed? Paths are pointing to different directories and using different application port. Windows Server 2008
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What you could try is editing the Mendix Settings.yaml file to change the Mendix Service name there for the second instance. That worked for me


There are 3 things that must be different between the two applications:

  • path to the application, including the Mendix Service Console itself
  • port numbers the application is running on (configurable in the Mendix Service Console)
  • the (unique) name of the Windows service, also configurable in the Mendix Service Console

I think in your case you didn't change the name of the Windows service from the default, so both your applications are trying to use the same service.