Modify DuplicateFileDocument java to copy image?

The Community Commons module includes java that can be used to duplicate FileDocument objects. Great, but unfortunately, it doesn't work with images since they also have a thumbnail. Although the image itself gets copied if I use the DuplicateFileDocument java, the thumbnail does not. I am not very well versed in java, but I suspect it shouldn't be too hard to modify the java that comes with the Community Commons module to include the thumbnail as well. Could anyone help me do this?
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Ok the complete solution

    public static Boolean duplicateImage(IContext context, IMendixObject toClone, IMendixObject target) throws Exception
    if (toClone == null || target == null)
        throw new Exception("No file to clone or to clone into provided");

    MendixBoolean hasContents = (MendixBoolean) toClone.getMember(context, FileDocument.MemberNames.HasContents.toString());
    if (!hasContents.getValue(context))
        return false;

    InputStream inputStream = Core.getImage(context, toClone, false); 

    Core.storeImageDocumentContent(context, target, inputStream, 200, 200);

    return true;

Invoke from java action

    return Misc.duplicateImage(this.getContext(), __fileToClone, __cloneTarget);

Easily done using this piece of code:

Core.storeImageDocumentContent(context, imageDocument, inputStream, thumbnailWidth, thumbnailHeight);

You can open the CommunityUtils.Misc, copy the duplicateFileDocument and replace line 62 with the above (make sure to fill in the actual parameters) and create a new Java action like the filedocument one, only it receives an Image and calls on your new 'duplicateImageDocument'.

Edit: Oh btw, you also might want to switch the inputstream to the image variety, but this should be easy to find using Eclipse with Core.get + <ctrl+space> and using the autosuggestions.