listen to and checkbox

Hey, I passed the Mendix introduction course and i’m starting to model. And now a face some problems: I want to model a contractmanagement system In my model i a got suppliers, supplier contacts, supplier contracts, contract annexes, contractmanagers, procurementmanagers, Report, to-do items and Audit items. In a report, I would choose a supplier and then I want to see all the names of the contacts belonging to that supplier. (so far no problem) Behind the contactnames i would like to add a checkbox with "present" or "absent" or "NA" . Then a textbox "items" and the subform “to-do’s”. Then there must be a microflow that stores the report as a PDF The PDF attachment must be mailed to everyone who was checked present or absent. By contract annexes I should be able to upload attachments to the appropriate contract and item. If, when a contractitem is a "yes", then the Annex also must be present otherwise there must be somekind of flag that the contract requires action, Can someone put me on the right track? Then I will add you to my project. Willy
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