XPath entity access not working after upgrade to Mx 6.5.1

Hi, Yesterday we upgraded our project from 6.3.1 to 6.5.1. Unfortunatly, the access rules of one of our entities is not working correct anymore. There are no other differences between the versions, even the database is the same. We even went back to 6.3.1 to see if it was still working correct there, and it was. It must have someting to do with the XPath contstraint, because the read rights (without XPath) is working, but the write rights (with XPath) is not. The XPaths are: for some user roles: [IsTemplate or (Kaderproces.QuestionChapter/Kaderproces.Chapter/Kaderproces.ChapterKIF/Kaderproces.KIF/Kaderproces.KIFAction/Kaderproces.Action[ActionStatus = 'Running' and ( (Kaderproces.ActionWorkflow/Kaderproces.Workflow/Kaderproces.WorkflowStandard/Werkwijzer.Standard/Werkwijzer.StandardProceseigenaarGroup/Administration.Group/Administration.GroupAuthorized = '[%CurrentUser%]') or (KIFStatus = 'Uitgezet' and (Kaderproces.ActionWorkflow/Kaderproces.Workflow/Kaderproces.WorkflowIndiener = '[%CurrentUser%]' or Kaderproces.ActionWorkflow/Kaderproces.Workflow/Kaderproces.WorkflowOpsteller = '[%CurrentUser%]')) ) ]) ] and for other user roles: [Kaderproces.QuestionChapter/Kaderproces.Chapter/Kaderproces.ChapterKIF/Kaderproces.KIF/Kaderproces.KIFAction/Kaderproces.Action[ActionStatus = 'Running' and KIFStatus = 'Uitgezet' and (Kaderproces.ActionWorkflow/Kaderproces.Workflow[Kaderproces.WorkflowIndiener = '[%CurrentUser%]' or Kaderproces.WorkflowOpsteller = '[%CurrentUser%]'])] ] What could this be, and how can we solve this?
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Turns out it had nothing to do with the access rules, but with something that seems to be a bug in Mx 6.3.1 On our form we have a list view inside another listview. The outer list view has editable set to No, so the inner list view has editable set to No as well (inherited). However, in Mx 6.3.1 the inner list view was still editable, while in Mx 6.5.1 it was not. Setting the outer list view to editable is Yes and the inner list view as well, solved the problem.