UX manipulator issue

Hi Everyone, I have seen some issues and limitations on Ux manipulator widget here but just thought to pick your mind on the issue that i am having. May be this is also one of the limitation or issue if we use this widget. I have the ux manipulator widget in several places in the app that I am working on and all have the same issue, for example I have picked the date of birth one below; I have three attributes day, month and year and I have the Ux manipulator on these three fields (see screenshot below) to change the html attribute type to number for the day, month and year input so that a numeric keypad is displayed to the customer on mobile. It does work fine and displays the numeric keypad but the issue is, I can enter unlimited number of digits in the fields ( see screenshot below). I have set a fixed attribute length on all the three fields (day=2, month=2 and year=4) which I think gets overwritten some where by Ux manipulator widget. If I remove the Ux manipulator widget then the fixed attribute length is applied and customer can only enter allowed number of digits in the fields. I will really appreciate your views on this issue and please can you help me to find if there is any fix for this. Thanks in advance!
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Check out another pattern: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30786775/pattern-for-input-type-text-with-min-and-max-number

in your case try (\d{1,2})|(\d{4}) (not tested)