Unable to use hyphen ( - ) in widget xml

So I came to the conclusion that you're unable to use a hyphen symbol in an enumerationValue key in a widget.xml file. <enumerationValue key="enumeration-key">Key</enumerationValue> is invalid for example. I posted an issue at the Github repo of the AppstoreWidgetBoilerplate and Jelte responded with the fact that it is indeed not possible. However it left me wondering (and Roeland aswell) what the reason is for this. If anyone of you have some more information to why this might be, I'd love to know! Thanks!
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I guess this has to do with the support of JavaScript for using hyphens in property / variable names (since the key names in the widget.xml file are made available in the dijit widget javascript). For as far as I know this is not supported. The variable enumeration-key could then be parsed as enumeration minus key, subtracting these two variables.