Microflow is not showing the page

Hi, I have used google Authenticator as the secondary login check. I have implemented the code generation part i,e creating the secret key and storing for the user . Now i m trying to validate the sceret key for the user .After the user id and password is entered, I have called an Sign-in microflow . At end of sign in microflow i have an page. I m unable to see the page . After the user has entered the proper credentials i could see the sign-in microflow but i cant see the page which i have given in microflow. I m i missing something here?
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The sign in microflow is used for transfering session data from a anonymous to a session of the logged in user. See this blog post. If you want to show a specific home page for a logged in user, you can specify a role based home page

If you want to navigate to a specific page based on an action, not being the default or role based homepage, then a deep link would be an option. Therefore you can use the deeplink module in the appstore.