Starting WEB 2.0 development in Mendix? [best WEB 2.0 component list]

Due to the ever growing of the WEB interactivity and my start of exploring WEB2.0 development: Which community Apps have you made or can be made in the Mendix business modeller? I know there is a list of standard components to integrate community features. This post is to share thoughts about WEB 2.0 and build a list of ready to use components for your WEB2.0 project. Any ideas on using Mendix to create community apps are welcome! Available widgets in the modeler: Community parties - Twitter - Google maps - Analytics Building your community project: - image carousel - Login button - community roles (users can register them self and then obtain download links) -HTML viewer -place comments -capita spamm filter -documentviewer -IE frame -slide creator Hint: Creating a login section and allow users to download documents e.g. brochures or pdfs by only using 'roles' and microflow *Using a minimal amount of components you can create a login section to integrate a sample download feature on your website to e.g. download product information.* First set the security to demo Create a role called 'communitydownloadable'. (or any othername) After this simply setup: create a database entity downloadid with downloadid(autonumbering) and a second entity (downloads) table with downloadname, download description and downloadlink. Create a form where downloads can be created to fill in the database. Create a form to view to downloadlinks in a datagrid. Now create a form (one where people can login) and add a microflow button with 'view downloads' and 'register' button. Set the event on click to of the register button to "NewNormalAccount". (set the 'view downloads' button visible property to 'only if allowed.') Simply set the microflow of goto downloads permission(under microflow acces) to 'communitydownloadable' and people won't see the goto downloads unless they have permission to it. (They can add this role by registering using NewNormalAccount which initiates the registering process.) Redirect users standard to the login page e.g. to access your own community download page. Now there are many ways to extend this project. How do you use any of these (or other components?) for WEB 2.0 sites? Love to hear any suggestions or share ideas in WEB2.0 what can be done in Mendix ;)
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Hi Pieter,

This almost a short story, and it is hard to get te point. If you want more web 2.0 get some nice javascript from internet or write your own and put it into a Mendix widget. And of course, like we all do, share it with us :-).

If you want to extend your app, it's up to you. You are not the first one building a file sharing site, so look around for bright ideas. But be careful Mendix is not a native CMS.

At last there should be something like business processing in it, e.g. workflow (somebody reviewing your documents). Just store and share can be done in all platforms and languages.


Hi Chris, Thanks for your honest comments. I am sure nice applications can be made using some of the above standard components to create new community like websites. "It is indeed only the imagination of the developers, as you have mentioned." Maybe this short component list helps people to get ideas for developing great WEB 2.0 Apps and kickstart into Mendix. :) I will post some projects or idea's hopefully later on.