To show or not to show, that is the question

I am trying to figure out why the 1ste link will NOT show when I put it into PDF, whilst the second is not a problem. Aware that it is localhost, but that issue is persistent in all OTAP steps. > <p> <img alt="" > src="http://localhost:8080/file?guid=5348024557502961" > style="height: 474.0px;width: > 740.0px;" /></p> <p>via image</p> <p> <img alt="" > src="http://localhost:8080/img/MyFirstModule$Lex.jpg?636044382485007771" > style="height: 474.0px;width: > 740.0px;" /></p> <p> </p>
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Most likely the PDF generator is not able to properly catch the mime header that the file request handler sends, and therefore because of the lack of extension in the first image is not able to properly recognize the file as an image file. Perhaps you can work around it by using the image viewer or if that doesn't help create your own request handler that is able to use the proper image name to lookup the image.

Your request handler could respond to http://localhost:8080/img/5348024557502961.jpg where the 5348024557502961 value is your guid to look up the image based on the file. Obviously, be aware of security in this context.