Reference selector -> how to easily make possible the option other or not listed

Hi everybody, I have a datagrid with notifications in the newEdit form, a notification can be created. Here 1 field is a reference selector (say notification category) It is easily possible to make users select form already existing categories It is a bit more difficult if a category is not listed. People should (in this case) be able to create a new category, which then automatically is selected for the notification you are creating... Now I made it as following: - in the newEditform the reference selector selects "using form" - in the popup form, people can create a new category - people then can select the new category --> This works without problems But: the question is if this can be made easier: - Option 1: Like it functions now, but that when you create a new category, and click on "save" that this category is also selected on your new notification (automatically). E.g.: you then don't have to lookup your category and select is Option 2: That in the newEdit form there are 2 fields for category: a referenceselector and a textbox. When the user need a new category, this is entered in the textbox when the save-button is hit, the new category will be saved and connected to the notification it would be most beautifull if the textbox for the new-category would only appear when in the reference selector you specify "other..." or when you click a checkbox or button Are one of the 2 options mentioned above possible? Or are there even better options available? Thanks in forward!
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A direct answer to your question, Yes it is possible.

You did gave your own answer already, within your third option. Create a on change microflow, which checks if the selected object indicates a "new notification" Within this microflow you create a new object and relate this to the user (as within your example) and perform a refresh here on user!

Open the edit form and commit the new object.