link on Data Grid

How to create a link on particular column of a table(Document name) in a data grid. By which whenever anyone clicked on that link then related document will open.
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you could use a tooltip for that column and create a tooltip page with a download link?



You could try this: Datagrid with Selection "No Selection", Default Button Trigger "Single Click" add a Microflow Action (default button) which in CSS you can visually hide. Behind this button you add a microflow that downloads the file.

This however limits other usages of the datagrid.

Edit: If it is an external link you want to open: let the microflow open a popup page with the "URL redirector" widget on it and a the "Microflow Timer Widget" (which calls a microflow that closes that Mendix Popup page). I'm not sure if these widgets still work in 6.+

With kind regards, Stephan


use widget for Grid-extension from appstore and add a button to the line with a MF that opens it