How to fix: Target form of default home page contains top-level data view dataView1 that needs an object

"1 Navigation Target form of default home page contains top-level data view 'dataView1' that needs an object. Use a microflow that retrieves an object and then shows the form instead." this is the error that i'm getting...i'm new to Mendix and enjoy it very much just stuck on this error...
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Either use a form with only a DataGrid in the Navigation or

Create a Microflow without input paramerers In the microflow retrieve 1 record and open your form with that one record.

The reason for this is that if you link to a dataview directly from your homeform or from navigation, there "is" no object to show. Each dataview needs one to be able to display. If you want to create a new one, you should link to a Microflow instead of a dataview. Then, in the Microflow, create the object you wish to show and then use a "open dataview" activity to show the object.

If you want to use an existing object, don't create one in the Microflow but do a retrieve.


Evan de Jager, Did you manage to get this sorted out? I also am very new in Mendix, and just hit the first hurdle to understand the application. created a table, and want to view/edit content of the table. If I create a "data view", I get this error, but not for a "data grid", watched the videos on the mendix site but non covers this basic item... Please help...

Michale Weststrate:; Please expand your explanation for me with details please...

Anyone working on a complete training resource on developing with mendix? The titbit videos on the site don't cover enough for a beginner to be left loose with this tool and be comfortable with it...

On a second question, I needed to know what are the licensing/hosting costs with mendix, on their site, no mention about the costs to develop in this tool. Comparing it to their immediate competitor ( I think they should at least list the costs on their site so that one knows what the costs will be. Also, they should have a community edition to allow newcomers to play with the tool for a while and later on to be in a position to seek further training I have about 20 days to go on the trial, and that I think is very limiting to explore a tool (30 days trial)