iFrame working in Sandbox/Local?

Hi, I'm running 6.6.0 and trying to figure out the iFrame widget. I've put it on a sample form, and pointed it at an attribute either with or without an http or https prefix. I have nothing in the prefix of the widget, and am just trying to go to a simple page. In either local deployment or sandbox deployment I'm getting either 404 (firstly when I go into it) and then if I click on the datagrid to select another row, I just get "loading" with no timeout. Could it be that Sandbox / Local development isn't supported by the iFrame, or is it broken in 6.6.0, or more likely I'm doing something stupid. Other info: I have checked out the github example project, but the test doesn't run up on 6.6.0. Any and all help appreciated. Thanks Tarique
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Tested this on Mx6.6: Created entity with a string attribute Created a master detail layout page and in the detail part placed the IFrame widget For the widget I used the attribute from the entity. Added a new/edit page for the entity Create an record for the entity in the app with a value for the attribute: http://www.google.com Saved the record and when returned to the master detail page the website is shown in the iframe. So there must be something else going on on your side. (Are you able to load the url in the browser directly?)


Hi Tarique,

Remember to include http:// in your URL, this might cause that issue.