Automated builds - is it possible?

Hi, Is it possible to make a Mendix-build automatically, using a script (batch-file or something)? In my current project, we have a multi-development environment (with several Mendix-developers) And many Java-developers for java applications that must integrate with Mendix For the Java-applications, they run nightly (?) builds to make sure that on the test-environment, the latest version is available (automatically). Is this possible in Mendix? - Perhaps the only thing I need is if it is possible to make an mda-file command-line and - If it is possible to force "yes" to the question of the Mendix-service when it asks to sync my db - And some feedback if something goes wrong (that someone can be mailed or something) I hope it is possible. Anybody an idea and/or suggestions to make possible automated builds with as little user actions as possible? Thanks in forward!
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you can specify in the modeller to always sync the database without asking


About windows scripts (or batch files)

Using "a script" would be possible ofcourse. However, the normal procedure is to call an argument build commandline if it's available. The developers have to include this parameter option.

When no command line option is provided and not using eclips there is an option available to launch the software via an execute command and 'hack' form states to call the build button (F5) and access the deployment menu. (e.g. using a key press script)

Sample: you can use macro's e.g. vb script to write a 'call executer' (which starts Mendix) then use key presses to navigate through the menu. (do a search on window states to set the focus the Mendix modeller.) Then use key-presses to access the menu. your keypresses to automatically go to build mda is

  1. ALT-P
  2. Down
  3. Down
  4. Down
  5. Enter
  6. Enter

you can write such action from any development environment such as .NET or vbscripts or macro's. There are even out of the box programs to program keystates. (some people use this in games)

Let me know for which option you are going to choose :)