Save/commit not triggered after validation feedback

I have an object which is created via a microflow and the new/edit form is being displayed as a popup form. One of the fields of this object is required - this has been set in the domain model under validation rules. When The form is complete saving works fine. If the required field is empty then I get feedback underneath the field however after the commit fails due to the validation I cannot save after setting the required field anymore. Further the rich text editor is not loaded properly anymore either. I have to cancel the form and recreate the object and remember to fill in the required field. I checked in FF and the commit is not triggered after it has failed due to validation the first time round.
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From the rich text editor documentation:

The rich text editor breaks/ dissappears in a popup form with autoclose, if there are data validations when closing. This is due to a bug in the client. A work around is to use a custom save button with a 'change and commit with events' activity and a 'close form' activity.