PDF Template to avoid text overlapping inside cell

Hi , I am printing tables in pdf in using Mendix PDF Template(A4 (portrait)). I have a new table to be added in pdf which has more number of columns due to which pdf looking clumpsy and columns headers and values are overlapping. Is there any solution for this. Is there a chance that i can make all pages A4 (portrait) and only this page as landscape? Becuase what I have seen from Modeller is that A4 (portrait) or A4 (landscape) is for whole PDF not for each page. Is there any chance I can use two templates merging each other? If so please let me know how Please help if you have any solution for this.
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The Community commons library has a function MergeMultiplePdfs which allows you to merge pdf documents. You can create two document templates, one for the portrait part and one for the landscape part and then merge these in a microflow.

However, I'm not sure whether that will work on Mendix 4.7.1