Is there a sort of datadictionary in mendix

Hi all, Just new to Mendix but already have a qusetion. Is there some kind of Dictionary or Attribute Class in Mendix? Within a large application there are a lot of entities which use the same attributes. For example the attrtibute Customer is used in many entities. Can i define the attribute Customer in some kind of dictionary and the use is in my entities. Because in every entity it is used it wil be the same Type and the same Max lenght. It now seems i have to define the same attribute for all entities all over again. Regards Ronald Rhebergen
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Hi Ronald,

to me it seems a bit strange that you have the same customer attribute in many entities. What about creating a new entity customer with references to the entities which uses the customer.

If it are really different attributes than I would suggest to use prefixes to your attribute names (i.e. xxcustomer and yycustomer where xx and yy is a shortname for the entity in which it is used).