popup window doesnt show up as popup

Hi all, I do have a page with a popup layout (which works fine). Now I created an action button to a microflow, which shows the same page, so what I expect is that after clicking on the button, the page will still show up in a popup. Unfortunately this is not the case. The page is shown as a full page. There are no property settings in the show page activity where I can change this behaviour. Is there a way to solve this? thx. Jay
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Hi Jay,

If you open the page in the Modeler, you can also open the layout (topbar: in blue and underlined). When you open Properties you can see the layouy type. The type needs to be either popup (non-blocking) or modal pop-up (blocking). Yours is probably set on 'Responsive'. You have two options:

  1. Choose a layout with a (modal) popup type.
  2. Change the layout type to (modal) popup.

Sebastiaan's answer is for Mendix 5 and lower.



Hi Jay,

Go to the show page action in your microflow. There you have radio buttons with the following options:

In content, Pop-up, Blocking Pop-up

Choose either Pop-up or Blocking Pop-up