What options do I have when clicking a serries in simple-chart

I have a basic year-based Barchart on my dashboard, and want to pop and aditional chart with a month-based breakdown when people click a year. Currently I "fixed" this using a constraint to focus on current year and show the months of this year, but idealy I should be able to show the pop-up based on the year clicked in the original serries. I assumed their was some way to "pass" or "inspect" this data, but I am unable to find how EDIT: Not totaly sure if I am interpreting this correct, but the object that is passed to the Microflow is the one I clicked on (and in agggregation it is the first one of the selected range......??
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Hi Lex,

If you assign a onclick to a serie, you can define an onclick microflow (under interaction) which passes the datapoint which is clicked to the microflow.