Mx 6.7.0 Automatically log in to hybrid app

Is there a way to make the autologin work for sandboxes? I need to configure a custom setting, but that is not possible in a sandbox
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We're looking to enable this by default soon, no configuration required. That means that it will also work for sandboxes, assuming your sandbox isn't asleep :)


I'm afraid not. At least, I can't think of a way to circumvent the custom runtime setting.


I would love to test this new feature so I:

  • upgraded my project to 6.7.0 and
  • commit generated a new mobile
  • phonegap package
  • build it with phonegap
  • deployed the app to the mendixcloud
  • set the 2 custom settings as stated in the release notes

    1. I can log in the app,
    2. Killed the app,
    3. Started again and I need to login again..

do I missing something in configuration? anyone got this working? plz let me know here!