No menu after login

I get complaints from a customer. The case is that several users, after succeeding to login, are presented a web-page that only shows the logo of the customer and no menu. I can't reproduce this with the same account, so it is something that is caused due to local configuration. One of these users is on a Novell network and uses IE7. Has anyone bumped into this symptoms before? What could be causing this problem?
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We had a similar issue with a custom theme. Sometimes the menu is not rendered completely. But after a refresh it works. So don't know what's happening with your theme.

Can you reproduce this on your development environment? If so, then try a default mendix theme. If not, it will be difficult for you to know what's going wrong.


I have the same issue when I'm NOT at office and when I'm connected with vpn to our office. Our mendix app is hosted in the same environment. When I visit the app in the browser (still connected with vpn) I only see the logo. When I disconnect vpn it works again. Don't know if this is related to your problem.