How to run a microflow after the save button of a dataview is pressed

I'm building a form to show customer information in a dataview but the provided save button doesn't allow me to execute a custom microflow. This microflow should only be executed if the user presses the save button of the dataview; so I can't connect a microflow to the after commit event of the meta object. Is there any other way to manage this?
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You could add an action trigger with a custom save MF. We use this construction a lot in projects. You commit the object in the MF and execute the logic that you initially wanted to link to the default save button.

MF looks like this:

  • Commit object
  • Execute logic
  • Close form

Make sure you set the control bar to visible: false.


I should use an action trigger.

This triggers an microflow where the a change action (commit box : yes) can be set. The action trigger can be renamed or restyled in the theme so it looks like a save button.