Sending an e-mail with the E-mail Module (App)

Hi Everyone, I've a question regarding the e-mail app that can be installed in Mendix. As a Mendix starter this might be quite hard to realize, but I'm still going to ask whether anyone has a simple solution. I've a user entity with an e-mail attribute, can someone explain to me how I can send an e-mail with this app using an selected e-mail in the users entity. Anyone that has experience with this app? Thanks in advance! Jim
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Hi Jim,

Have you set up all the email settings like an email server/port already?

If so, create a microflow that has the User entity as an input argument. From there you can call the 'SendEmailMessage' microflow from the Email module. Fill in all the arguments and it will send the mail to that user.

You can also create templates and use those with the 'SendEmailUsingTemplateName' or 'SendEmailWithSelectTemplate' microflows.

In case you want to mail multiple users at once, just loop over the users you want to mail and call your previously created microflow for each of them.