Using cordova Widgets in Mendix

Hi ALL, how can we use Cordova plugins in Mendix? Note that I am not talking about widgets available in Mendix app store. Thanks, Prachi
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Here's a widget package I'm working on that uses a number of the Cordova plugins to achieve native features in a Mendix app:

GitHub Link

Direct Link to Widget

The widget package contains the following:

  • MobileActionMenu – show a native pop-up with list of options, backed by microflows
  • MobileTransitions – native page transitions
  • MobileStatusBar – adjust the color of the mobile status bar per page/layout
  • MobileHideSplash – optionally keep the app splash screen up until a Mendix page actually loads (hides away loading screens)
  • MobileDialog – overrides Mendix info, warning, error, and confirmation prompts with native ones
  • MobileSpinner – overrides Mendix loading dialogs in favor of their native equivalent

While the documentation is still severely lacking, the widgets and source code should give you an idea about how you call/use Cordova plugins within a Mendix app.


Short answer: Yes
Long answer: Yes, you can


See the push notification widget:

For an example of how you can use a cordova plugin widget with data from Mendix.

The documentation also gives you a good idea how you can include these plugins into your Mendix phonegap buiild:;jsessionid=F7957E22B0E30464FA5324E96FD02D76