ExcelImporter, how do I link to the Entity ?

Hi There, I have downloaded the ExcelImporter and MxModelReflextion from the app store and connected the Templates_Overview Form. In my main module I have defined an Entity which holds properties which match the column names in the Excel sheet. With the 'New Template by Excelfile' functionality a new template is generated. The template has the correct number of columns and column names extracted from the Excel file. However, on the form there is a field named 'Mendix Object'. When I click the '+' button a pop-up screen shows titled 'Select an object type'. On this form the Object Type and the Object Name need to be populated. The problem that I have here is that I cannot navigate navigate to my main module that holds the entity which corresponds with the Excel sheet. When I enter the Module name and the Object name manually I still cannot navigate to the Entity in my main module. Also the Search has no effect. What am I doing wrong here ?
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I'm not really familiar with these modules but have you tried running the model reflection module so it updates it with your current domain model? Sounds like it just hasn't reflected on that entity yet.