2.5.4 Column headings issue

Does anyone else also experience the issue that the column heading labels of a datagrid stick/float around at their place when the search pane is expanded (by clicking the search button). The headings do not move down as in previous version - they overlap with the search fields. I have noticed that the column labels jump into place once the mouse is below the column headings or above depending on whether the search pane is expanded or hidden. using custom theme Created a ticket already just wanted to know whether anyone is experiencing this problem.
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I guess you're using Internet Explorer? Then this must be one of IE's position bugs. Until this is fixed in the Mendix client, adding this css rule to your custom theme will probably solve this issue:

.dj_ie .mendixDataGrid_gridTable {
    position: relative; 

Keep in mind that this css rule should be deleted from your theme when this issue is fixed in the Mendix client.