What Database Permissions are needed to run Mendix?

For a customer of mine, when they stand up their production instances of Mendix, they wish to use resilient institutional database servers (MS SQL Server), but they have some restrictions on what permissions they will allow on those shared database servers. Trying to update a Mendix application using one of these database servers, the service console tried to run these SQL commands: sp_configure 'clr enabled', 1; GO RECONFIGURE; GO ... ... The issue is that they do not allow clr enabled, so this resulted in errors. Is there any way to allow Mendix to run without clr being enabled?
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See here for more information about this issue. If you cannot enable the CLR on a server and you did not use date part functions (like the XPath functions day-from-dateTime, hours-from-dateTime, etc.), you can ignore this error. Did the server start correctly (and only showing this error) or did the server definitely stop when this error occurs?

Update at March 31:

There is a little issue with the Mendix platform which causes the server to stop when the CLR checks fail. This will be solved in a next version. However, for now you can manually disable the CLR checks. Add the following custom setting in the Mendix Service Console:

Name:  ReturnOnlyNecessaryDDLCommands
Value: true

Now when you start the server from Console, the CLR checks will not be done. Please note that now all date part functions in XPath and OQL will be done on the UTC dates and times and not on the localized dates and times! Don't worry if you never use date part functions in queries.


The issue is not that we do not know how to turn on CLR, but rather that company policy does not allow CLR to be enabled on institutional database servers.

To enable the CLR manually, you must log in with sysadmin rights,
like the 'sa' user. When it is not possible for you to enable the CLR 
manually, we will send you instructions to pass this check. 
– Jonathan Veldhuizen

Jonathan - could you please send these instructions to be able to run with CLR disabled? Thanks. I will then test and see what issues running without this code causes us.