My Account - Administrator

Hi, Can the administrator change its password via the front-end "my account" menu option? I have the My Account form to allow administrator to view the form and security settings all to read/write for the account entity and I'm actually able to see the option in the administration menu when running the app, but when clicked on, I only see a blank screen(?!) All other user roles seem to be able to view the "my account" form and change password, but not the administrator. Is the administrator a special case and not able to update its own password (only through project properties in modeler - and server properties if not mistaken)? LR.
2 answers

The MxAdmin only appears in System.User, not in Account, so no you cannot change it here.

For production systems the admin password can be changed through the console. I guess that requires a restart.


You can change the MxAdmin only in the project security in the administrator tab. And for production in the service console, as mentioned by Bart.