Update jsch in buildpath

For an application that uses the sFTP module to connect to a FPT server I need to update the jsch jar as the current version (0.1.49) doesn't support the newer DH and EC key exchange algorithms (it also was released in 2012, so...) I've added the new jar in the userlib folder, opened the project in eclipse, add the external jar and removed the old jars (0.1.48 and 0.1.49 were present in the build path). When running this from eclipse everything works as expected, the new algorithms are used to exchange keys. Now running this from the modeler the old algorithm set is being sent to the server again, I've tried cleaning the deployment folder, synchronizing the project directory, refreshing the project in eclipse, nothing works. How can I force the modeler to use the new jsch jar and the new key exchange algorithms?
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Apparently there was an unpacked version of jsch in the buildpath (so not a jar file but a folder named 'com') after removing this in eclipse the modeler accepted the new jsch version and all is working now.