Reference selector is blank

I have a form with a tab container and 3 tabs each displaying different fields. There are a few mandatory fields on each tab. I have a microflow that runs before commit and checks if fields have been filled in (required) if not I use the validation feedback action. The validation feedback is displayed but if i go to the second tab all reference selectors are empty and I cannot set the missing field. Clarification Whether the object is committed or not does not matter (tested it with a previously committed object). There are no xpath constraints set. The tab container seems to be the issue. After stopping the commit and displaying the validation feedback, only the reference selectors of the active tab work. All the other reference selectors on the other tabs are blank (even if they are not empty and should display a previously selected value) Reply to Johan It does not only affect the reference selector that has got the validation message but all of the reference selectors on that tab. Further I have noticed as stated in the comments below that if i go from active tab to another one where selectors dont work & then go back to the initial tab the selectors stop working as well if I go to the tab with the reference selector that is mandatory required and click on save triggering the validation message the values are being displayed for all selectors on this tab but not for selectors on other tabs regardless if they are required or not Is there a work around for this problem (excluding manual refresh)? As the next maintenance release is some time in May :S Solution The solution for now is to use the lazy reference selector which refreshes when the drop down is click not when the form is loaded. See app store for more details
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I analyzed your testproject. The problem only occurs if you save the object without first opening the second tabpage. The client is optimized and doesn't load a tabpage if it is not active. If you get a validation message and switch to the tabpage, the page is loaded, but the reference selector doesn't load as it is blocked by the validation message.

We schedule the ticket for our next maintenance release. Thanks for submitting.




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