Deeplink module use string arguments

I'm trying to understand how to use stringargs in the deeplink module. Let's say I want to send a string like http://localhost/link/mystring How should I configure the use string argument? Can I pass a string and then do something with this in the microflow? Something like retrieve an object by constraining on a attribute with that string argument?
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Hi Samet,

See the documentation. /link/mystring invokes the deeplink 'mystring' without arguments, so it should map to an microflow without arguments.

For links like /link/mystring/myargument you can either use 'myargument' as string argument in which case the microflow should have an string argument, or you can define that 'myargument' maps to an object attribute (for example System.User.Name) in which case the input argument of your microflow should be a System.User.

In the latter case deeplink will do the lookup for you. The advantage is that this will be checked and return a 404 if not found, before the whole client is loaded.