Search field xpath

I am trying to constrain a search field but have some issues due to the complexity of the model. Ok I have entity CI which has a enumeration type (Software,Database,Hardware) These can be related to each other such as: CI A (software) - First CI Hosted On - Relationship Type CI B (hardware) - Second CI I use entity General relationship to create the relationship. I am in a datagrid that only shows databases. These do not have a link to locatin themselves but are obviously hosted on a server that is located somewhere. A CI is linked to a location via the datacenter association. My search field attribute is: First_CI/Generic_Relation/Second_CI/CI/DataCentre/Location/Location_Name I am only interested in the relationship type 'Hosted ON' So I want to go to second CI and then get its location only if the above condition is met. I tried something like that in the xpath constraint but it does not work as desired: DataCentre/CI/First_CI/Generic_Relation/Generic_Relation_RelationType/RelationType/name = 'hosted on'
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