Cancel button of dataview doesnt rollback created object

I've replaced the standard new button of the datagrid by an invoke button. I've connected a microflow that creates an object and sets some default values in a change action. After that the microflow opens a form to display the new object in a dataview. I thought that pressing the cancel button should close the form and rollback the created object. But for some kind of reason the created object appears in my datagrid. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
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It could be that you commit the object in the change activity of your new button microflow. The default behavior of the cancel button is to rollback the object, which means deleting the object if it is new (i.e., it has not yet been committed) or rolling back the changes if it is not new. So by setting Commit to 'No' in the change activity, the object should be deleted when you press the cancel button.