friendly sign in feedback messages when using licence pool

Hi, does anyone know how I can add sign in texts that reflect the usage of licence pool. I mean, I'm using the licence pool manager and if I have 3 concurrent licences and 3 users are logged in and a 4th user tries to log in, the only message they see is "The username or password you entered is incorrect." which doesn't really reflect why the user has not been able to log in. I would like the user to see something more appropriate like "The allowed limit of 3 licences has been reached, please try again later". I've looked in system texts but haven't seen a way to add anything. How can I please my client and add a nice message for their users?! LR.
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You can change the appropriate system text, which is indeed 'Username / Password incorrect'. If you replace that text with one explaining the failed login could be due to providing incorrect credentials or due to the licensepool being full in terms of concurrent users, it should be a bit clearer than the default option.

Unfortunately we don't currently have a way to distinguish between a failed login due to the concurrent user limit of the licensepool (which is done by throwing an exception in the login process if this happens) and a user just providing a wrong password.