Dynamic Caption Headers in a Data-Grid

I am trying to make a data-grid that incorporates the following attributes - a date, the current user, and data of an enumeration depending on the date. The table would be as follows: The column headings would be dynamic, and change every week to update the new working week. The row headings would be the names of the users in the process, and the enumeration would be the data to be displayed with regards to user and date. The only thing that I have had a problem doing, is finding a way to have a table/data-grid where the column headings can dynamically change. I saw a few posts regarding dynamic data-grids, but these were from a few years ago, so I was wondering if there were any updates. Cheers, Harry
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Standard datagrids do not support dynamic headings.

We used the Pivot Table Widget to accomplish functionality similar to what you describe. We show the names of the employees in the first column en use the remaining columns to dynamically show data of the selected weeks. The headings of these columns show the numbers of the shown weeks. I would take a look at the Pivot Table Widget sample project available in the app store.