How can we use mxconvert.exe to convert a project folder?

Since mendix 6.4 there is a tool shipped with the Mendix modeler, that can do Mendix conversions. Thanks! It seems to work only with MPK. Can Make it work with a full project Folder? > mxconvert "E:\Mendix Project\TestMx6.4.1\TestMx6.4.1.mpr" "E:\Mendix Project\TestMx6.6\TestMx6.6.mpr" This is MxConvert, version 6.6.0. Conversion failed: The input file 'E:\Mendix Project\TestMx6.4.1\TestMx6.4.1.mpr' is not an mpk file. Try to update project folder: > mxconvert "C:\temp\TestMx6.4.1" "C:\temp\TestMx6.6.0" This is MxConvert, version 6.6.0. Conversion failed: The output must be a directory because more than one input file or an input directory is specified. The help shows we can use input options.... but not what the options are. Does anybody knows? > mxconvert -h Usage: mxconvert [OPTIONS] INPUT... OUTPUT Converts the INPUT project(s) to Mendix version 6.6.0 and stores the result in OUTPUT. INPUT can be a single file or directory, or a combination of multiple files and directories. When INPUT is a single file OUTPUT may also be a single file. Otherwise OUTPUT must be a directory. Options: -h, --help display this help and exit Exit status: 0 if OK, 2 if parsing the command line options failed, 3 if the conversion failed. Thanks Andries
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Thank Achiel! that's it.

zipped the project folder, and converted it, almost happyness....

>mxconvert "E:\Mendix Project\TestMx6.4.1\TestMx6.4.1.mpk" "E:\Mendix Project\TestMx6.4.1\TestMx6.6.0.mpk"
This is MxConvert, version 6.6.0.

Unpacking the input mpk file 'E:\Mendix Project\TestMx6.4.1\TestMx6.4.1.mpk'.
Found the input mpr file 'C:\Users\andri\AppData\Local\Temp\tfassnp0.kf0\TestMx6.4.1.mpr'.
Checking the version of the mpr file.
The mpr file version is '6.4.1'.
Converting the mpr file.
Checking project for errors.
The project contains 14 errors, 20 warnings and 0 deprecations.
Saving the converted mpr file.
Exporting the output mpk file 'E:\Mendix Project\TestMx6.4.1\TestMx6.6.0.mpk'.
Removing temporary files.

MxConvert finished.

Next thing... the command line shows that there are errors......and warnings... Though the app is running fine in 6.4.1 and opening the converted (onzipped) file in 6.6 does not show any error too.

In the output we see, of course, that the deployment and packages folder are not copied.

What are these error? And where are de log files or the output?