Run the Task Management v1.0 App in modeler 2.5.4

Downloaded the TMv1.0 earlier and ran the application. Can add users but no task mangement. Tried all kind of things but can not get the task management to run any futher then the AccountOverview. I noticed that the app is for version 2.5.3 and I run 2.5.4 Does this mean these are not compatible? And in general how picky are Apps?
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Hi Ron

Take a look at the ViewWelcomeMessage microflow that is the default Home Page for this application. It branches the workflow based on casting an inheritance split on the currentUser. If you are System.User only (like MxAdmin) it opens the Account_Overview form so you can create normal user accounts. You should create at least one test account.

When you log in as this test account, the ViewWelcomeMessage microflow will take the branch for Administration.Account (the test user has a record in the Account form). This shows the Dashboard form that allows you to create and open tasks.

So, the short version, you must log in as a user that has a record in the Administration.Account form to be able to see the tasks management forms. If you log in as MxAdmin you will not see the tasks.