Throw Web service Exception

Is there any way that I can catch the actual exception thrown by a Mendix web service? We have exposed a couple of web services to third party applications. For certain scenarios in our application, the requirements are that we throw an exception,e.g. ApplicationException : "Account Not Found". I've created a Java action that takes in a string and all it does is throw the Exception "Account Not Found". The problem is, when the operation throws this exception, it gets thrown as a "Internal Server Error". Is there a way that will enable us to catch the Exception as "Account Not Found"?
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What kind of exception are you throwing? Have you tried throwing a com.mendix.modules.webservices.WebserviceException in your java action? If you use those, it will return your own exception message instead of a generic internal server error.


An exception that can be thrown by webservices published by the Mendix application and webservice calls by the Mendix application.
This exception can be thrown in custom java actions handling a published webservice call to show a custom soap fault.
In the constructor, use the public field clientFaultCode or serverFaultCode to indicate a client or server error.

Why are you throwing exceptions in the first case? I think 'not found' should be part of your protocol instead of an exception (because it is not an exceptional cause, but a supported case).

For example you could call an 'user exists' webservice before trying to retrieve the user, or you could return a user without name/ id if nothing was found.