File Document Has Contents Validation

I'm passing a list of documents into a java action in order to perform some PDF actions. I do check for hasContents, prior to passing the documents into the action, however I receive the following error in some cases. LocalFileSystemStore:: File does not exist for key: 5f76f271-0caa-4762-9c87-ef9dfc6ea842 How do I identify the files that will give me this error prior to passing them into the java action?
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The only time you would get this error if you for instance would restore a database without the files. Because then you would have in the database the has contents set on true but you still would not be able to retrieve the file because it is simply not there. You could try to retrieve the document first and check that in combination with the has contents is true. Then you know that there is a document and that the document has contents.

But I would investigate furter why you could have a record in the database about a filedocument that no longer is there on the disk.