deselect datagrid rows

Hi, is there a way to deselect a datagrid row through a microflow? datagrid1 dataview1 (listens to datagrid1) datagrid2 (inside dataview1) dataview2 (listens to datagrid2) datagrid3 (inside dataview2) I have a datagrid (grid1) and a dataview that listens to grid1, and a datagrid inside the listening dataview. When I have all datagrids with a selected row (e.g. row 1 from all grids), I would like to select a new row (e.g. row2) in datagrid1 and both rows (row1) in datagrid2 and datagrid3 to be deselected. Obviously I have data in datagrid2 to change according to selection in datagrid1, but if I go back to row1 in datagrid1, rows from previous selection are still selected. Is there a way to remove selection of listening datagrids if first datagrid changes selection? Also, if I select another row from grid1, the data in grid3 doesn't change because grid2 data is not deselected (or maually selected), which means user has to physically deselect row in grid2 to make sure inacurate data is not showned in grid3 if a new selection is made in grid1. Hope it makes sense... LR.
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