Width of widget simple rich text editor not 100%

I've got the widget 'simple rich text editor' in my Mendix project and when i open this in a pop up it looks fine, but when I place the widget in a dataview in content then the width of the widget isn't 100% but still the size of my pop up. I hoped that it was enough to place 'width: 100% !important;' in the style property of the widget, but that doesn't make a difference. Does anyone have the same problem or is it just me?
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We're using also a simple rich text editor and when I place this in a dataview in content, the widget width is 100%. What do yo mean exactly, the rich text editor or the viewer? Does it make a difference when you change your theming to the mendix default? Or does it make a difference if you change another button set.


Is there not a table or cell above the widget that is limiting the width?