export to excel button is refreshing the app in IE

Hi, does anyone know why the export to excel and csv causes the app to refresh when using internet explorer. I'm taken back to the home page and having to navigate all again and second time I click the export to excel I can see the choice to download or view. It works fine with firefox. Does any one know if this is a particular setting on the browser? If so, does it mean the client will have to update whatever security setting?! Cheers, Luis.
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It's probably because of the IE security. When you click the export to excel button, do you get a yellow bar which is warning you for the file you want to download?

Yellow Bar

If this is true, then this explains the refresh. When you click on the yellow bar and then download file, IE will reload your mendix app. The second time, when you try it again, it should work without a intervention of the yellow bar.

So do you see the yellow bar?

Edit after comment:

This is a local IE thing. This explains how to disable it.