6.7 data view footer! button padding gone

I've started using 6.7 and started using the new data view footer for buttons, which I think is a great new addition! However the buttons don't seem to have any padding/white space associated with them, and I can't seem to adjust this with custom styling, any suggestions on how to fix this?
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I've got it commented out here as I've reverted to v6.6.0, but this should do it:

.mx-dataview-controls .mx-button {
    background: #65A2DA;
    color: #fff;
/*    margin-right: 3px;  - add for button spacing in new footer 6.7.0 onwards */


Don't forget footers are no longer limited to buttons. You can easily solve this with, a layout grid, a table, or whatever your preferred way of dealing with this outside of dv footers happens to be.