App & Web services

Hi, Just an easy one here. Could anyone briefly describe the difference between - Published app services -Consumed app services -Published web services -Consumed web services As a team we haven't needed to use these yet. I know i need one of these for what i'm trying to do but i'm finding the documentation on the mendix site to be too long winded. Is anyone able to summarize? or give examples. Thank you! C
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Consumed service: Your app sends a message to another app and that app sends a response

Published service: Another app sends a message to your app and you send response

App service - Service works only between Mendix apps

Web service - works via REST or SOAP and works with any other service that supports REST/SOAP


In short, published means that you expose an app service or a webservice. Consumed is the other way around, your Mendix app uses somebody else his app or webservice.

Now the difference between an app and a webservice. Webservices are generic. Appservices is when you communicate between two Mendix apps. Then you have a lot of more option then with a regular webservice.