AddDays function doesnt work in Mendix 6.6.0 and 6.7.0

Hi All, I thought to share this for info and to see if others have the same issue with Mx versions 6.6.0 and 6.7.0. My colleague is doing the "Online Mendix Introduction Course" using Mendix modeler version 6.7.0 and at "Microflow Basics" subject, on "Set the End Date" assignment he was trying to add the expression that is: addDays($ScheduledCourse/StartDate, $Course/Duration -1) but it's not working on version 6.7.0. He gets the error: extraneous input " expecting EOF. He tested it on version 6.6.0 and it isn't working on this either. However it is working on Mx version 5.20 and 6.5.1 (the version that's being used in online training). It seems that it is working on version 6.5.1 and on all the versions below that. Do you think this is a bug? We have raised a ticket on this (467038), and if this is platform bug then hope this is solved in the next Mendix release.
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It doesn't seem like the experssion being broken, did you copy this expression from somewhere? extraneous input '' seems like there is some whitespace character at the end of the expression.

I just typed an adddays expression myself and that works perfectly. I'd recommend deleting all characters ( ctrl+a ) and type the expression yourself rather than copying it.